About Us

Who Are We

Ahaan’s Learning Tree is a centre for child’s care and development established in the year 2017 under the leadership of Ms. Ashu John and Mr. Prashant Awasthi. The primary objective of this centre is to meet each child’s need, recognize their uniqueness and use their individual strengths and interests as the focal point for learning by collaborating with parents and let them gain confidence in their child’s learning and care.

Ahaan’s Learning Tree supports eclectic approach to learning in order to achieve holistic development and enhancement of skills of a child. We aim to support child’s emotional, cognitive and social learning in a sensitive, attuned, understanding and responsive manner.

Apart from holistic development of a child, this centre focuses on the promotion of child’s safety and security. We believe that the well-being and safety of children and young people is paramount. They have the right to be cared for and protected from harm, and to grow up in a safe environment in which their well-being, rights and needs are respected.

Vision & Mission

Aiming towards Child's hoslistic development

This centre envisage a world where all children feel safe, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feeling and are given the opportunities to grow and become a responsible and rational individual by:

  • 1. Promoting the well-being of children and young people.
  • 2. Ensuring the protection of each child from harm and to improve outcome for them.
  • 3. Delivering a consistently high standard of support to children and young people.
  • 4. Providing a tool to assist in identifying learning and development needs.
  • 5. Establishing, implementing and evaluating inter-agency child protection, learning and development, and promoting collaborative working.

Our Activities Plan



Diet & Nutrition How to overcome nutritional deficiencies?
Health & Hygiene Removing the stigma out of Menstruation
Mindfulness Yoga and Zumba sessions
Personality development Puberty and Adolescent crisis
Say ‘No’ to smoking and drugs Appreciating the beauty of life
Sex and adolescents -


Examination Preparedness Effective time management
Career guidance Dealing with learning difficulties
Enhancing study skills and goal setting Building effective communication skills
Critical thinking and application skills Enhanced creativity


Good touch and bad touch Stranger Safety at public places
Risky behaviour among adolescents Say ‘No’ to bullying
Gender Sensitization Self Defence for Female students
Media literacy-Cyber Security -


Anger management Assertiveness Training – coping with peer pressure
Emotions and you Learn to love yourself: Self-acceptance and building self esteem
Handling Relationships and attraction Body image and self-esteem
Effective stress management -

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