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Who Are We

The Ahaan Foundationis an Educational & Non-Profit organization in India and Canada aiming to benefit women, children and their families through active projects on School Education, Services, Health and Wellness, Livelihood-Skills Training & women’sempowerment among the urban and underprivileged sections of rural / suburban areas in various countries through philanthropic collaborations and partnerships with individuals, private sectorsand civil society organisations.

Women play a critical role in maintaining the health and overall well-being of theircommunities. However, because of the many roles women play, they too often are focused on those while neglecting their own needs. Since time immemorial women have played a role of nurturing society, oblivious of theirown individuality, dignity, empowerment and health.

The formulation of Ahaan’s Women’sAuxiliary (AWA) under the purview of The AhaanFoundation was spearheaded by thesister duo Ashu John and Rishu Elizabeth John due to witnessing the overwhelming implications upon women’s mental and emotional health as a repercussion of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The paramount need formental and emotional support and the lack of easily accessible programs in this domain led us to decide to reach out virtually to women in Regina further gave birth to the idea of reaching out virtually to women’shere in Regina.

The objective of AWAis to empower women, to safeguard their mental health, personal enhancement, building effective communication skills, spreading awareness about gender equality and striving towards a happy society etc.

Depending on the global region, thesocial, political, and economic climate The AhaanFoundation seeks to provide women with a range of activities and strategies, guidelines and insights from the latest in the field of social development, community outreach, health and wellness in a fun and engaging manner to help women and girlslead happier and healthier lives.

AWA provides the following Online Capacity Building Programs. To reach out to women in Regina and engagethem in various aspects of boosting mental health and improving their lives.

Vision & Mission

Aiming towards a Misogyny Free Society

The club envisions a future where all women will be self-sustaining, respected, empowered without any discrimination based on gender, caste, class by:

  • 1. Promoting social, physical, mental and educational empowerment of women
  • 2. Strengthening families through successful parenting in the 21st century
  • 3. Creating opportunities, while addressing inequality, spreading awareness about their rights of equality, justice etc.
  • 4. Facilitating institutional support for enabling them to grow and develop to their full potential through enhancement of talent skills.

Our Founder Committee


  • Advisor
    The Ahaan Foundation,Ahaan’s Women’sAuxiliary, (Regina, Canada)
  • Founder President
    Shobha’s Women Welfare Club, (New Delhi, India)
  • Co-founder & Chairperson
    St. Mary’s Educational & Charitable Society, (Sahibabad, India)


  • Founder President:
    The Ahaan Foundation,(India & Canada)
  • Executive Director
    Ahaan’s Women’sAuxiliary, (Regina, Canada)
  • Principal:
    St. Mary's Christian School, UP, India


  • Outreach Coordinator
    The Ahaan Foundation (India & Canada)
  • Special Projects and Network Coordinator
    Ahaan’s Women's Auxiliary, (Regina, Canada)

Our Services


Communication skills

Active listening Effective Communication
Learn to say ‘No’ without guilt Practicing Assertiveness
Responding effectively and empathetically Conflict Resolution

Elderly Care

Caring for a distance
Work-life balance with aging parents
Persuading your senior loved ones towards assisted living

Personal Enhancement

Self-Compassion Awakening the passion in your life
Being a socially responsible person Taking charge of your life
Forgiving oneself and others Augmenting self-esteem & acceptance
Reducing stress Mindfulness
Secrets to self-motivation Six habits of successful people
Goal Setting Reinventing yourself
Building Resilience Work-life balance in a work from home environment


Building your child’s self-esteem Kids and the internet: Becoming a cyber-savvy parents
Parenting toddlers Sibling Rivalry
Having tough conversations-Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Peer Pressure Promoting decision making skills in children
Parents as Role Model Perfect Parents-A Myth
Protecting children from sexual abuse The successful single parent

Health & Wellness

Coping during uncertain times
Happiness: A key to life’s satisfaction
Learning to relax
Managing worry and anxiety
Mental Health Awareness


Living with change
Reinventing yourself
Stress : A way of life or a fact of life
Goal setting : for personal & professional success
Bring adaptive in an ever changing world
Coping with a traumatic event

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