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Who Are We

The Ahaan Foundation had always thought about having our own counseling center in Shalimar Garden, catering to the growing need for community-based mental healthcare in Sahibabad. Hence, a group of like-minded professionals got together under the purview of The Ahaan Foundation and established a multidisciplinary and holistic counseling center- MINDBLOOM in the year 2019. This centre offers comprehensive and conī€dential counseling services to children, adults, couples, geriatric and families.

At Mindbloom, we believe that mental health is integral to living a healthy and balanced life. Being healthy mentally and emotionally, can promote productivity and effectiveness in activities like work, school or caregiving.

A recent WHO report provides evidence that almost 80% people diagnosed with mental health problems do not seek any kind of treatment and this is projected to increase by 2020.

Mindbloom is an initiative to get more people to talk to us and about mental health.

Vision & Mission

An initiative to get more people to talk to us and about mental health.

  • 1. To develop holistic and comprehensive mental health solutions.
  • 2. To reduce the stigma associated with mental health.
  • 3. To provide multidisciplinary quality mental health care services.
  • 4. To create public awareness among larger community.
  • 5. To stimulate research and training activities in the field of clinical mental health.
  • 6. To foster an environment where children learn, lead and thrive
  • 7. To provide a platform of unconditional acceptance where people will and comfort knowing that they are not alone.

Our Team Members

Our team consists of educationalists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, child psychologists, social workers and counselors, all registered with their professional associations having experience with multi ple counseling modalities.


  • HoD Department of Psychology IHBAS
  • Govt. of Delhi


  • Member CWC (Bench of Magistrate)
  • Department of Women and child Development
  • Govt. of Delhi


  • Principal:
    St. Mary's Christian School
  • Founder President:
    The Ahaan Foundation

Dr. Neeti Gupta

  • Child & Rehabilitation Psychologist
  • School Counsellor & Spl. Educator
    St. Mary's Christian School

Our Services

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Speech Therapy
Career Counseling
Training and Workshop


Parent Counselling
Marital / Family Counselling
Counseling based Courses


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Psychometric testing

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